Corporate or Institutional Sales

Bags or Soft luggage product line is one of the Top categories bought by most Corporates, Small and Micro businesses as part of their Gifting requirement, Internal give-aways or for any Promotional or marketing requirement.

Kooltopp has been one of the preferred suppliers to various corporates for its value of Unique and customised Designs, Quality, Professional Services with committed delivery.

We have made bags for Corporates across segments of IT, Pharma, Banking, Fashion, Retail, FMCG, Services, Startups, others. We sell either Direct or through our set of resellers/gifting partners who cater to these Corporates as part of Corporate Gifting business.

You can select from the range of our Kooltopp branded designs and we can include your logo alongside on the same OR you can also give us your reference design or product brief and we can completely customise as per your budget, color choice and with your exclusive branding.

You may pls fill in your requirement details and our representative will get in touch with you asap.

Please fill in your details and our representative will get in touch with you Shortly